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How to Make Some Money by Selling Candles

Some psychotherapists believe that the smell of a scented candle can have a particularly soothing effect on the mind. They think it can help release the "feelgood" hormones such as dopamine and serotonin and regulate mood. Given that, there's quite a commercial demand for candles, and you may be thinking about starting a side business to make and sell your own. What's involved with this type of project?

Embracing the challenge

Candles are popular not only for rest and relaxation but also look great around the home. Many people use them for interior decoration. Thankfully, they are relatively simple to craft at home, so long as you have the right tools and equipment.

Ordering Supplies

As far as basics are concerned, you will typically need a supply of candle wax, together with a stirring stick and a melting pot. You will need a monitor to keep an eye on the temperature and a pouring container to fill up the individual jars. Of course, you'll need a wick and a setting tool to insert the wick into the candle and a fragrance to develop that all-important scent. As you intend to sell these, make sure you buy high-quality kits and parts.

Creating Your Products

When you buy your supplies from a company that specialises in candle making, they may be able to provide you with some detailed instructions to help you hone your craft. It may take a certain amount of trial and error to get it right, but you will soon be able to turn out a masterpiece.

Selling Your Candles

You then need to decide where to sell your candles. You can always do this online through certain marketplaces dedicated to the craft. You can also go to craft fairs or farmers' markets and dip your toe in the water before deciding your final strategy. You may be able to hire a stall for a small outlay and do some research to find out when the fair or market is likely to be at its busiest. Just remember that you may need some public liability insurance if you sell directly to the public in this way.

Getting Underway

So, now that you've built up some enthusiasm for this venture, ensure that you buy the best quality ingredients so you stand the best chance of success. Get in touch with a company specialising in craft-making supplies, and they'll be delighted to help.

Contact a candle making supply store to learn more.

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