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Isopropyl Alcohol 100%: 6 Reasons Why Your Household MUST Have It

Is it your first time to hear the term isopropyl alcohol 100%? Well, this alcohol-based solvent has excellent strength useful in cleaning different home applications. Also known as rubbing alcohol, its endless uses make it the most sought-after household cleaning agent.

But what makes isopropyl alcohol 100% prevalent in most households? Here are six reasons why:

Stainless Steel Cleaner    

You can use isopropyl alcohol 100% to clean off sticky fingerprints in one wipe. Since it evaporates faster, it leaves a streak-free finish. Use it on virtually any surface to eliminate germs and achieve a sparkling surface. Additionally, it's perfect for stainless steel surfaces because of its high evaporation that leaves zero smudges.

Clean Bathroom Fixtures

When you are finding it hard to clean your chrome bathroom fixtures, consider using isopropyl alcohol 100%. Pour it directly on the surfaces and use a soft, absorbent cloth to rub it gently. Remember, you don't need to rinse it since alcohol evaporates in seconds. With this solvent, you'll achieve gleaming chrome in your bathroom and eliminate any germs present.

Eradicate Dog Ticks

As much as ticks love your dog's taste, they loathe the flavour of isopropyl alcohol. By dabbing the critter with this solvent, it loosens its grip and allows you to pull it off easily. However, remember to grab the pest as close to the dog's skin as possible before pulling it off. After extracting it, dab the wound to disinfect.

Get Rid of Mould From Blinds

To achieve sparkly and new-looking blinds, use isopropyl alcohol to rid them of bacteria, fungi and mould. The solvent will also aid in the effective removal of sticky gum from your screens. isopropyl alcohol 100% is more effective in killing mould compared to other solvent variants.

Erase Permanent Markers

If you have kids, they may have at least attempted to make decorations on your walls or countertops using permanent markers. Fortunately, most of these countertops may feature non-permeable material such as laminate, marble or plastic. You'll only need to rub these marks with isopropyl alcohol 100% to dissolve them and allow easier wiping.

Eliminate Fruit Flies

Finally, fruit flies are common in kitchen environments and can be quite irritating. To solve this problem, put some isopropyl alcohol 100% in a spray bottle, and spray up. The spray knocks these flies out instantly, and you can quickly sweep them off. Alcohol may be less effective than insecticides, but the safest approach in your home.

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